How to Choose Your Perfect Messenger Bag

How to Choose Your Perfect Messenger Bag

Certainly, the market is flooded with an abundance of messenger bags, but the real question is, which ones will truly set you apart from the crowd?

Within this article, we'll delve into:

  • Uncovering the distinguishing qualities of a truly stylish messenger bag.
  • An exclusive look at the latest trendsetting messenger bags readily available in New Zealand.
  • Discovering destinations to buy these bags in New Zealand.

Are you ready to elevate your style game and embrace the trend? Let's dive right in!

Qualities of A Stylish Messenger Bag


When scouting for a stylish messenger bag, one of the first things you should do is to determine which qualities are essential. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate bag that is both functional and of course, stylish.

When it comes to selecting a trendy messenger bag, there are five key things to consider:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Access

Let’s take a deeper view at each of them.


Undoubtedly, whether it's bags, shoes, dresses, or any wearable item, prioritizing comfort should always take precedence over style. The quality of the material plays a crucial role, not just in terms of durability, but also in ensuring a comfortable experience.

When searching for your ideal accessory, pay close attention to the presence of a wide shoulder strap and the inclusion of padding on the strap, both of which significantly enhance overall comfort.


Indeed, comfort in carrying your bag is crucial, but an equally vital consideration is its longevity.

The lifespan of your messenger bag is inherently tied to its intended purpose. The more rigorous your demands, the sturdier your bag should be. When facing rugged conditions or challenging scenarios, opt for materials that offer resistance to abrasion and water. A robust structural design becomes essential to ensure your bag not only endures but thrives. Conversely, if your bag is destined for a more relaxed or sheltered environment, you may choose to prioritize weight reduction over ultimate durability.


Messenger bags come in various styles, colors, and materials, so consider your usage. For professional settings, choose subdued colors like black, gray, navy, or tan, and opt for clean or subtle designs. In more casual environments or personal use, you have greater design flexibility.


You've discovered the perfect style of bag, but how easily can you access its contents? Messenger bags excel in this regard, offering the convenience of on-body access. With the ability to effortlessly swing them around to your front, you can retrieve frequently used items or gear from the main compartment without needing to remove the bag from your shoulder.

Features like quick-release shoulder straps, exterior pockets, magnetic or one-handed flap closures, and multiple access points to the main compartment ensure effortless access to your belongings.

Trendy Messenger Bags to Consider


Tasche Canvas Leather Messenger Bag 15 inch


For long-lasting usage, this elegant Messenger Bag is composed of lightweight, scuff-resistant superior canvas. Front and rear compartments, a cushioned laptop sleeve, bronze hardware, and a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap are all included.

It's made of high-quality canvas and real cowhide leather, and it'll go with both traditional and modern looks. This Messenger Bag will be your favorite accessory since it is functional enough to hold all of your important items.

Saxon Vintage Waxed Canvas Leather Laptop Bag 15 inch

This fashionable Messenger bag is sure to be a hit. 

This messenger bag is made of high-end classic leather and durable waxed canvas, making it suitable for long-term use.  The shockproof padded compartment is made to fit a 15-inch laptop.

Cell phones, USB drives, keys, and earbuds may all be stored in the bag's two inside wall pockets. A zipper pocket on the back and two external front pockets make it easy to retrieve your belongings. The adjustable and removable strap is broad and comfy. The magnetic closures are another plus when it comes to functionality and accessibility.

Crosstown Canvas Messenger Bag 

This classic piece can be considered old but gold. This item is made with premium canvas, and is sure to be durable and long-lasting.

The main compartment contains a front flap and zip closure, as well as an inner laptop pocket and an inside zip pocket for passports, cards, and phones.

To hold your phone, card, passport, and other small items, there is an outside zip pocket on the front panel and an outside zip pocket on the rear panel.

On each side, there are two pockets for carrying items like a bottle and an umbrella.

It features an adjustable shoulder strap. As for the storage, you can fit a 13-inch laptop inside this bag.

Lawrence Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

If you have an appreciation for the luxurious touch and authentic allure of genuine leather, this messenger bag is destined to become your ultimate essential.

Crafted with utmost care, this stylish messenger bag boasts high-quality leather. It comes equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, ensuring comfort in every stride, and an impeccably smooth surface that enhances its overall appeal. Inside, you'll find a robust and premium cloth lining that adds durability to its design.

For added convenience, a zippered pocket graces the front flap, offering a handy compartment for your immediate essentials. Meanwhile, the bag's rear features a generously sized zippered pocket, perfectly suited for storing A4 documents, writing implements, cards, keys, phones, and various other small necessities.

Tasche Urban Canvas Messenger Bag 


Introducing our stylish Messenger Bag, meticulously fashioned from lightweight, scuff-resistant premium canvas material to ensure enduring durability. This remarkable accessory boasts an array of features, including front and back pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, bronze hardware accents, and an adjustable shoulder strap for the epitome of comfort.

Exemplifying the pinnacle of craftsmanship, this messenger bag seamlessly combines premium canvas with genuine cowhide leather details, exuding an unmistakable air of quality. Its versatile design effortlessly complements both classic and contemporary styles, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

With its capacious interior, this Messenger Bag offers ample space to accommodate all your essential belongings, making it a cherished and indispensable accessory in your daily life.

Where To Buy Stylish Messenger Bags

Indeed, the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and durability in a bag is attainable. After exploring the various concepts shared, you now have a vivid picture of what your future messenger bag could be like

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