What is wireless charging and which phones are supported?

What is wireless charging and which phones are supported?
Welcome to our Wireless Charging Guide. Below you will discover the wonders of wireless charging. Let’s get started! What is Qi? Wireless charging...

Why Trendyful is Your Best Bet

Why Trendyful is Your Best Bet

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular among Kiwis and there is a good reason for it. Online prices are much better than the ones in stores. These days people learn that before they buy stuff in popular big stores they can research it online and buy the same stuff for much lower prices. But it's not all that simple.

The 10 Best Travel Accessories To Have In 2019

The 10 Best Travel Accessories To Have In 2019
Here is a list of some travel accessories that make your life easier when you are on the road. They are supposed to save you either space, time and...

Are Anti-Theft Backpacks Worth It?

Are Anti-Theft Backpacks Worth It?
The reality is that preventing theft altogether is impossible. But there are a number of compelling benefits in owning an anti-theft backpack. Hid...

Four Amazing Benefits of a Waxed Canvas Bag

Waxed Canvas Weekender Duffle Bag
Waxed canvas is experiencing a much deserved renaissance. Starting with an already durable fabric (canvas) and then adding a water resistant wax c...

How to Care for Waxed Canvas

Canvas Duffle Duffel Leather Weekender Bags
Like high quality leather, waxed canvas looks and feels better the more you use it. It’s durable, water resistant, and breathable. A waxed canvas ...

How To Choose The Right Power Bank For Your Phone

Best power banks - trendyful
 No matter what is the worth or the quality of our smartphones, without charged batteries, they are of no use. Thankfully, we have power banks to...

How Many Times Can a Power Bank Recharge your Phone?

20000 mah power bank, best selling power bank
You can actually calculate this yourself. All you need to know is a tiny bit of maths. With a few calculations, you’ll be on your way to being a po...

Specific Recharge Times of Your Phone

power bank; power banks
Here are some specific recharge times if you haven’t got time to be doing the math. Here are the 2 popular capacities, 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh. S...

How to Use Power Bank for the First Time

power banks
A power bank is a portable compact device which we use to charge our phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches or other gadgets. There are various ki...
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