Trendyful Is NZ Owned & Operated / Ships From Auckland, NZ

Trendyful Story

Hi and welcome to my store. I am thrilled you are here and I would like to use this opportunity to share why I started Trendyful.

The main reason Trendyful exists is because people like you and I don't like paying high retail margin for things that don’t really cost a lot. The truth is, the Internet has revolutionised the way we shop. More and more people prefer buying things online because they just find better deals there. They get lower prices, more variety, no crowds, conveniencedelivery right to their door step just to name a few.

However, there are also risks involved. 

Many people get scammed while shopping online. With the growing trend of online shopping we see growing numbers of scammers taking advantage of those shoppers who don’t know how to read the signs of security. Read my blog, How To Avoid Scams While Shopping Online.

To add to this, thousands of customers receive poor quality products that are nothing like pictures, the quality is poor. In most cases, there is no one on the other end who can take the responsibility for quality control. Quality perception in most overseas countries is not the same as in Australasia, USA and Europe. The delivery time is beyond a joke. They take the payment immediately, post your item in 1-2 weeks and you get it 4-6 weeks later. Who has patience for this?

In most cases there will be customer service issues, specifically where returns and refunds are concerned and the length of time it takes to get it processed.

You may have experienced this first hand. Well, I have.

So in August 2018 I launched Trendyful because I wanted it to add value to each customer's shopping experience: by giving them 100% security, certainty in quality and exceptional customer service.

Five areas that are paramount to us:

  1. Amazing Quality
  2. Secure Transaction
  3. Competitive Prices
  4. Excellent Customer Service
  5. Free & Fast Delivery (Free Shipping NZ only)
As the founder of Trendyful, I take personal pride in offering you:
  • Super Lean Prices
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • New Zealand Standard Of Warranty (extended warranty depends on the product)
  • Products That Match the Description
  • Shipping Within 12 Hours (often much faster than that)
  • Overnight Delivery NZ wide / No need to wait for weeks
  • Fast & Easy Return/Refunds - No Questions Asked
  • NZ Owned/All Products are Shipped from Auckland, NZ
  • 100% Secure Payment Options
  • Free Shipping New Zealand Wide
  • Super Fast Shipping to Australia and USA by DHL
  • A Real Person you can talk to who is just a message away

At Trendyful, I am motivated to add value to the New Zealand, Australia, USA marketplaces by providing an online store where people can get the best value with 100% confidence and satisfaction. It's not a 50/50 gamble. It is 100% assurance that you will get what you want and get it fast.

At Trendyful I keep it simple and risk free. My reward is 100% customer satisfaction. I want to leave you happy getting exactly what you need.

If you, as a customer, are not 100% satisfied you can just return the item back and get a 100% refund immediately. No need to wait.

I go many a few extra miles to find great deals and make them available and affordable. Every shopper knows that it’s not all about the cheapest price but the combination of affordability, great quality and exceptional customer service. I guarantee that this is what you will get when you shop on Trendyful. I take personal pride in doing business well and delivering on the promises.

So, I invite you to have a look around my store and experience Trendyful for yourself! I’m sure you will love your purchase and all around experience. If you have any questions, if you are not sure about online payments, message me, send me an email, call or if you are in Auckland stop by and pick up your purchase. I will be happy to assist you in all I can.

If you want to touch base with me, send me an email at or message me from any page by using chat icon.


Agnessa Kulakov
Founder & CEO, Trendyful
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