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Welcome to Trendyful, New Zealand-based online store!

My name is Agnessa and  I’m super excited you are here. Let me tell you what Trendiful is and what's in it for you.

Just like many people out there I don't like paying too much for things that don’t need to cost a lot. That’s why I shop online. I am all about great quality. I buy only from the online stores that provide exceptional service and high quality products.

I have always believed that a lot of businesses have quite a high margin, not because good stuff costs that much but because they have to add to the real cost of products due to their high overheads expenses.

So my idea was to create an online store which means the lowest possible overheads, practically none! And... since I’m not GST registered you get to buy stuff from Trendyful at prices that do not include GST which means you save another 15%!

Let me tell you why Trendyful is a place you want to buy from.

Trendiful is committed to:

  • bringing the best quality everyday products
  • at most competitive prices
  • while providing exceptional customer service

And to top it up, I’m committed to donating at least 20% of the profit from this store to a trustworthy charity called ADRA that provides relief and community development in developing counties.

Now you can start shopping, making good savings, enjoying lux quality products and exceptional customer service, knowing that you have helped someone in need.

If you want to touch base with me, send me an email at


Agnessa K

Trendyful Founder


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