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How to Choose the Stylish Messenger Bags in New Zealand

Sure, a lot of great and durable messenger bags are available in the market. But, which ones will make you stand out?

You don’t want to be with those who have “average” bags, don’t you? Well, glad you’re here! In this article, we will learn about:
  • Qualities of a stylish messenger bag
  • Trendy messenger bags available in New Zealand
  • Where to buy stylish bags in New Zealand

Ready to get trendy? Let’s get started!

Qualities of A Stylish Messenger Bag


When scouting for a stylish messenger bag, one of the first things you should do is to determine which qualities are essential. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate bag that is both functional and of course, stylish.

When it comes to selecting a trendy messenger bag, there are five key things to consider:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Weight and size
  • Access

Let’s take a deeper view at each of them.

Quality No. 1: Comfort

Of course, be it bags or shoes or dresses, or anything wearable, it’s always comfort over style.

While shoulder bags and messenger bags may not provide the same amount of weight distribution as backpacks, they can nevertheless be carried comfortably.

Keep an eye out for a broad shoulder strap to assist in making the load equal in all areas, as well as padding on the strap to improve comfort.

For more active usage, your bag should have adequate back panel ventilation, a design that hugs the body, and a stabilizer strap or waist belt to assist secure the weight.

Carry handles are also beneficial when you want to rest your shoulder or are carrying the bag over shorter distances or in more formal settings.

Quality No. 2: Durability

Sure, your bag is comfortable to bring with you, but can it last for a year or two?

The purpose of your messenger bag plays a role in how long it will last.

Will you be putting your backpack through the wringer on a frequent basis while cycling? Trying to cram it into overhead compartments or venturing out into the bush for a day of trail exploration or outdoor photography?

The harder your messenger bag has to be, the more demanding you are on it. When the going gets rough, abrasion and water-resistant materials, as well as a reliable structure, will help your bag survive. If your bag will be used in a more relaxed or protected environment, you may reduce the durability to save weight.

Quality No. 3: Style

Messenger bags come in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials. So, to assist you in making your decision, consider where you'll be using the bag.

Do you need it for your job? If your workplace is smart, casual or formal, then understated hues like black, gray, navy, or tan will blend in better in these situations.

Clean shapes or gentle draping patterns are also more appropriate for formal settings than "busy" designs that grab the attention. If you're not going to use the bag for work (or if your workplace is more laid-back), you have a bit more leeway in terms of design.

Quality No. 4: Weight and Size

Obviously, your messenger bags must be big enough to accommodate all of your belongings. However, you must be cautious in this aspect. The larger the bag, the more weight you'll be hauling.

Consider if the extra room is worth the extra weight and bulk penalty. Perhaps you need it or appreciate the capacity to handle a variation of loads from day to day.
However, if you only carry a certain quantity of goods, a bag that's just large enough without adding excessive weight can be a better choice.

It's also a good idea to double-check that the bag includes both a primary and a secondary section. The main compartment is suitable for books and a laptop computer.

Other files, chargers, and accessories should be kept in the secondary compartment. Extra pockets in a messenger bag are usually useful for quickly accessing commonly used things.

Quality No. 5: Access

So you've found a bag that's the correct size and style for you, but how do you get your goods out of it? One of the main advantages of messenger bags over other types of carry is that they allow for on-body access. The ability to effortlessly swing them around to your front to reach commonly used necessities or gear from the main compartment without taking the bag off your shoulder.

Quick-release shoulder straps, outside pockets, magnetic or one-handed flap closures, and several access points to the main compartment make getting to your things a breeze.

Trendy Messenger Bags Available in New Zealand 

Now that you know the qualities of a stylish yet durable, let’s take a look at how these bags look like in real life.

Perhaps you’re in New Zealand and you’re looking for stylish and trendy messenger bags. Here are some options you can choose from:

Tasche Canvas Leather Messenger Bag 15 inch

For long-lasting usage, this elegant Messenger Bag is composed of lightweight, scuff-resistant superior canvas. Front and rear compartments, a cushioned laptop sleeve, bronze hardware, and a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap are all included.

It's made of high-quality canvas and real cowhide leather, and it'll go with both traditional and modern looks. This Messenger Bag will be your favorite accessory since it is large enough to hold all of your important items.

Saxon Vintage Waxed Canvas Leather Laptop Bag 15 inch

This fashionable Messenger bag is sure to be a hit. Genuine Leather and Premium Waxed Canvas are used to create this bag.

This messenger bag is made of high-end classic leather and durable waxed canvas, making it suitable for long-term use. This bag is composed of excellent waxed canvas and real leather. The main shockproof padded compartment is made for larger valuables like a 15-inch laptop.

Cell phones, USB drives, keys, and earbuds may all be stored in the bag's two inside wall pockets. A zipper pocket on the back and two external front pockets make it easy to retrieve your belongings. The adjustable and removable strap is broad and comfy. Metal buckles and quick magnetic closures are also used on the bag.

Crosstown Canvas Messenger Bag 

This piece can be considered old but gold. It's time to make a statement with this stylish Canvas Messenger Bag! This item is made with premium canvas, and is sure to be durable and long-lasting.

The main compartment contains a front flap and zip closure, as well as an inner laptop pocket and an inside zip pocket for passports, cards, and phones.

To hold your phone, card, passport, and other small items, there is an outside zip pocket on the front panel and an outside zip pocket on the rear panel.

On each side, there are two pockets for carrying items like a bottle and an umbrella.

It features a metal buckled shoulder strap that may be adjusted. As for the storage, you can fit a 13-inch laptop inside this bag.

Lawrence Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

If you like the high quality and natural feel of genuine leather, this bag will become your go-to item.

High-quality leather has been used to make this stylish messenger bag. There is an adjustable shoulder strap and a natural smooth touch to it. A sturdy and high-quality cloth is used to line the inside as well.

A zippered pocket is located on the front flap. The rear of the bag has a large zippered pocket that may be used to store A4 documents, pencils, cards, keys, phones, and other small items.

Tasche Urban Canvas Messenger Bag 

With a scuff-resistant canvas exterior, this messenger bag is built to last. In addition to the adjustable shoulder strap, this bag has two front pockets and a cushioned laptop sleeve.

This messenger bag is made of superior canvas and authentic cowhide leather. Classic and modern styles will be simple to mix and match.

This stylish bag is sure to become a go-to for all of your daily essentials thanks to its generous amount of storage space.

Where To Buy Stylish Bags in New Zealand 

It is indeed possible to have a bag that is both stylish and durable. With all the samples presented, you may now have an idea of what your next messenger bag would look like.

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