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Buying the Right Duffle Bags for Luxurious Travel in 2022

If you want to get a grip on the perfect bag to bring on your boujee trip, you might want to consider a good bag haul.

Whether you’re a constant jet-setter or a lavish and luxurious traveller, one thing’s for sure – you’ll be carrying your wardrobe. And, you would want your bag to be 2 things: stylish and functional.

If you want those features, you might fancy spending on a good ‘ol Duffle bag.

Duffle bags can be your best friend during your travels. Why?

They’re handy, compact, convenient, stylish and come in many sizes and designs that would suit your taste. Duffles come in different varieties of shapes, materials and innovative designs.

So, what’s the right duffle for your luxury travels this 2022? Let’s find out!

What’s the Right Duffle Bag for You?

A reliable duffle bag serves you for one good thing – hold your stuff.
However, depending on your personality and lifestyle, you may opt for one with more features to offer.

Like for men, they may prefer something with more compartments and sturdiness. Women, on the other hand, may lean more on style and functionality.

A rocking duffle bag should be able to hold your clothes, footwear, toiletries, some gadgets and everything else you can stuff in it.

Not only that - a great duffle bag should last long and be durable enough to accompany you in your travels.

Also, an amazing duffle bag to bring on your luxurious travel is a practical fashion flex.

Excellent duffle bags usually are made from high-quality full-grain leather. The luxe material definitely keeps your gear protected and over time develops a classy singular patina.

Leather may cost you at some point in time. The great thing is that the market now has numerous non-leather options, with designs and styles that will turn heads and keep your stuff together on your luxury travels.

Why Choose a Duffle Bag?

Duffle bags are perfect for keeping essential items close

If you’re someone who has a lot of essentials that you always want to easily grab and bring, the duffle is definitely your best friend.

You can stuff anything you need in a duffle bag – cash, wardrobe, gadgets, chargers, toiletries, a bottle of champagne, and more.

Whether you’re hopping on a private jet or cruising in a yacht, you can pack and go with a duffle. With it being functional and doesn’t require much energy to carry, you can bring it anywhere and anytime.

Duffles are easy to carry and store

Travelling and cruising can be exhausting to the body. And, you wouldn’t want to add more stress because of the wrong bag.

Luggage can be a nuisance if you need to get something in it quickly.

You need to bend on the ground and unzip the whole thing. Once you open it, everyone around can see your personal belongings.

Also, you need to have them checked in. Especially large, heavy ones. You can’t store them in the overhead cabin. Plus you need to drag it on the stairs in some situations.

Backpacks on the other hand are as conventional as duffles but excruciating to the back. An extremely heavy backpack can give you a totally sore body on your vacay.

Plus, you're going on a luxury trip, not the woods.

But with duffel bags, you have something that’s simply convenient and hassle-free.

Duffles are classic and stylish

Imagine yourself in the terminal or in the hotel wearing a suit or dress and bringing a huge backpack. Not a good look isn’t it?

Duffles not only are literally handy, but they always compliment any style. This bag has been a staple since the 17th century and never went out of style.

Your duffle bag is not only a sack for things but also becomes your fashion accessory.

What To Consider in Selecting Your Duffle

There is no such thing as perfect. But, you can always take note of key features in considering the perfect duffle for you.

So, here are a few essential details you need to give thought to.

Use Case

It’s important to consider your use case when choosing the right duffle bag for your trip.

Ask yourself how often and what are you planning to do with it before thinking about other factors. You wouldn’t want to just store it in your closet until the next ski trip, won’t you?


If you will use your duffle more often, you need to select the one with outstanding durability. This factor generally depends on the materials and craftsmanship.

A good bag will last long and withstand a variety of conditions.

Different weather and environmental conditions could affect the longevity of your bag. Also, bags are commonly thrown around in the airport, so choose wisely.


With the innovation of styles and production, duffles come in different shapes, sizes and materials. You’ll be able to choose which is the right bag for you and your travel.

Depending on your trips and activities, pick a bag that will look good and last long.

You can select from a variety of Nylon, Leather, Polyester, CORDURA®, Canvas or the original Duffel Fabric.

Selecting the bag with the right material can get you a long way.

The Perfect Duffle Bags for You to Buy for Luxury Travel

You can bag all possible necessary features in one piece. Without compromising your wallet, you can still get a top-notch quality duffle that will complete your lavish trips.

And now that you got a gist on how to pick the right duffle bag for your luxurious trip, here is a duffle bag haul from Trendyful that you will love.

Logan Quality Canvas Travel Bag

You can never go wrong with premium quality duffle bags such as this Logan Quality Canvas Travel Bag. This canvas weekender is made only from the high quality, soft canvas and genuine Italian cow leather.

With the workmanship on this fine item and top-notch material, it is surely reliable to stand up on wear and tear. And, because it’s made of canvass, you are sure to be having this around for a long time.

A special feature of this duffle that you love is its secret shoe pouch compartment that’s made from excellent water-resistant material. Now, that’s something that you’ll definitely deserve a space in your bag list.

Explorer Canvas Genuine Leather Weekender Duffle Bag

This explorer canvas genuine leather weekender duffle bag is perfect for both men and women who want to travel in style. This bag is crafted from high-quality canvas accentuated by the finest genuine leather, durable is this bag’s middle name.

From cruising the Mediterranean seas to clinking champagne along the sands of Dubai. This duffle is sleek and tough enough to last in any condition you bring it.

A great feature this bag offers is its comfortable removable shoulder strap. Because of its quality light-weight materials, you won’t be stressing bringing this buddy anywhere.

Leeston Canvas Leather Duffle Bag

You can’t have it all, they say. But, with this weekender, you can have everything you need in a duffle bag.

This leeston canvas leather duffle bag is perfect for your luxe weekend getaway or your cross-country business trips, a good duffle like this will make your travelling hassle-free.

With its reliable high-grade quality canvass that’s complemented with genuine crazy horse leather trimmings, you will be jet-setting in style.

Not only that - the hardware of this duffle is made only from the top quality zin-alloy.

You won’t be worrying about rust sooner than you think. That’s a feature worth the buy.

Calvin Waxed Canvas Genuine Leather Weekender Duffle bag

This calvin waxed canvas genuine leather weekender duffle bag always give a contemporary yet sophisticated vibe to every traveller. Compliment your wardrobe with this dashing khaki unisex weekender.

Pack everything you can think of. You might fancy this duffle as it features a very spacious structure that provides much room for your necessities.

What makes this duffle special is aside from its high-quality cowhide leather, it is crafted with durable waxed canvass. This makes your bag waterproof.

This bag is perfect for all weather conditions as it keeps your essentials dry and safe.

Clean, classic and timeless with its vintage and heritage style, this is a duffle you can use anytime and anywhere.

Time to Pack-up!

Have you fixed your eyes on the best duffle bag for your luxurious trip this year?

With all sorts of color, design, material and special features to consider, it will all boil to 2 important things: your convenience in usage and how it holds your things.

You’d want to enjoy your travel as much as possible with no hassle and have everything you need.

Also, you’d want something that won’t just sit in your closet waiting for the next winter trip. So, get going and buy the perfect duffle for you.
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